Amazing Discovery Channel Closedown Music

For a very long time, the Discovery Channel in Europe was a tiny one, but also a much loved one! Their idents were amazingly done, which you can see on the clip here.

Discovery was a Nice TV station

I hope you enjoy the ethereal extravagant music, that Discovery had on their program schedule and idents back in the 1990s. Even though it’s less than half a minute, you notice how professionally this is made.

The singing gives me hair standing as its soo beautifully done. The Discovery Channel was a small channel which broadcasted only in the evenings after TLC (The Learning Channel) in Europe but had Beyond 2000 and other much-loved programs that actually taught you a lot. Today Discovery Channel feels like they’re just after money and not viewers at all.

A channel that isn’t a Discovery channel anymore

There is simply nothing to watch on the Discovery Channel today. Which is a shame! Because the name is so powerful that the company behind it should rewind a bit and look back on what actually made Discovery Channel so great!

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