Babylon 5 Sci-Fi Intro is still Awesome

Star Trek has been shown for many years. But there was a new name in 1994 that was going to give a huge sci-fi hype. Its name was Babylon 5, a sci-fi opera that lasted for several seasons until 1998.

The amazing Babylon 5 intro from Season 1 in 1994 – It’s a Space opera at it’s best started its life in 1994

Creator J. Michael Straczynski’s ambitious and complex futuristic space opera charts five years in the lives of those aboard the titular 5-mile-long space station, where personal drama plays out against a tense political backdrop of a looming war between bitter enemies the Centauri and the Narn. It is a political drama in space that was the first sci-fi series to really compete with the humongous hit Star Trek.

Amiga-based Video Toasters were used and first television show to use computers for 3D rendered images totally

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Babylon 5 also distinguished itself at a time when

models and miniature were still standard by becoming one of the first television shows to use computer technology in creating visual effects with Lightwave 3D for Amigas. Also, Amiga-based Video Toasters were used at first, then Pentiums, Macs, and Alpha-based systems.

Babylon 5 is one of the biggest sci-fi operas that went viral from 1994 to 1998! We hope that you enjoy the intro of Babylon 5 that we found.

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