Beyond 2000 end credits from 1991

People were very into Beyond 2000 in the beginning of 1990s. This was the show from Australia that everyone was talking about. It went on air in several countries and on many tv channels. The topics of the show were so interesting that even a child on 10-12 years (like me at that time) got so much interest in space, technology, science and nature. The way the presenters made this program interesting was great, but the introduction of the program wasn’t bad neither at all!

Fantastic theme for a very good program

Back in the days, Beyond 2000 went on many tv-channel’s at that time. I remember seeing it on Discovery Channel, TV Norge and also on Sky One. This program was really great where both intro and ending were great. They put you into this Beyond 2000 mood. The music was very addicting and especially the ending credits were pretty awesome. The music so epic that many have created remixes of it and this below is one of them.

There is also a remix made by Robert Love that is amazingly done!


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