Canal+ France Cinema Ident from 1992

Canal+ from before 1997 was a fantastic channel with one of the best idents ever made. You really felt that it was a premium channel and this video above is an excellent example of that. Canal+ had this ident from the start in 1985 until 1997.

I wonder why Canal+ changed it as it worked really well for many years. The new idents from 1997 destroyed Canal+ image in many countries.

Amazing Canal+ Ident

The start with the line gets drawn and the singing is pure extravaganza for the ears. It really felt as if the channel was premium even though the channel had commercials in the free to air segments during the day. In these segments they had news, weather and other promo related content to make you as the viewer interested in what Canal+ had to offer.

Then after 20.15 or so in the evening. The channel got scrambled for people without a premium card. But for some unknown reason. This free to air part was never launched on the Scandinavian Canal+ channels.

Premium Canal+ Serie Ident

This one was also really good. Each type of program had their own end to the jingles. But the start of them were all alike. In this way the viewer had a bigger understanding of what she or he would watch. Canal+ idents were really ahead of its time in thinking.

What type of Canal+ ident did you like the most?

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