Canal+ idents from 1984 in France

On the 4th of November 1984, Canal+ broadcasted its very first broadcast in France. It is a 100% owned tv channel by the Canal+ Group, which in turn is owned by Vivendi.

Canal+ channel broadcasts several kinds of programming, mostly encrypted everywhere its been. In some regions the channel got Unencrypted programming can be viewed free of charge on Canal+ and on satellite on Canal+ Clair (Clear). The channel does not broadcast advertising, except when broadcasting on free-to-air slots. However, when Canal+ was aired in Scandinavia there were no free-to-air slots at all.

Canal+ had its peak after Y2K never happened

The Canal+ channel operated until 1997 when the fantastic FilmNet was acquired by the French Canal+ group owners. At the same time, Canal+ and Telenor also started the TV distributor Canal Digital.

Canal+ became C More in Scandinavia

In 2003, the French Canal+ group company sold out of both companies; Telenor bought Canal Digital while Nordic Capital and Baker Capital bought Canal+ rights from the French group. The new owners planned to rename C More Entertainment’s channels for a long time, but this was later dropped as the Canal +’s parent company still had that name. However! In 2012, this plan was resumed, and it was decided that the Canal + channels will be renamed C More from on the 4th of September 2012.

Until 2013 Canal+ Group had a quite big market share in Europe with Canal+ channels popping up everywhere. But on the 4th of September 2013, Canal+ in Scandinavia changed its name to C More, now owned by C More Entertainment AB. Today C More is a unified brand for a number of Nordic pay-TV channels, with the main focus on films, TV series, and sports.

In France, Spain and Poland Canal+ is still doing strong. Television Nostalgia will give you more info once we have.

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