Canal+ Poland startup in 1995

On the 2nd of December 1994, the Polish version of Canal+ started up for the very first time. A premium tv channel in Poland that is a huge success even to today.

Canal+ Poland is a Huge success

The Polish version of Canal+ is a variation of the French television network Canal+. It is similar in many ways, including continuity and presentation. It shows similar programs to Canal+ France like the TV-series The Simpsons.

Canal+ in Poland currently consists of 9 high-definition channels

  • Canal+
  • Canal+1
  • Canal+ Sport
  • Canal+ Sport2,
  • Canal+ Film,
  • Canal+ Seriale,
  • Canal+ Family,
  • Canal+ Dokument
  • Canal+ Now.

The Polish audience seems to have fallen in love with Canal+ and is a reason for its huge success. But we must not forget the first years between 1994 and 1997! Canal+ Poland somehow managed to survive the fall that began in 1997 for the rest of the channels. In Poland it kept on going and I think its because they have some segments that are free to air which lets people get interested in what they provide. Only the main channel got smaller free to air segments, which they use to promote for the entire network. A very smart strategy for sure.

Canal+ in Poland is more than just TV

You can check out for more info about them. Including TV. There is also Internet and Telephone service that they provide in Poland.

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