Destination Nordsjön Intro was quite Nice but thats it

With the launch of TV4 in Sweden and Norway, they introduced a completely new tv series called Destination Nordsjön. It had a very nice and iconic intro, but once the show started then it was obvious that this wouldn’t go on for long. The actors were not good and they didn’t feel real at all. Check the trailer from YouTube here on Disvida just below!

This videoclip is from Destination Nordsjön intro on the Norwegian TV2 channel. I couldn’t find the version from TV4. But it’s the exactly same intro. It’s really interesting to see that Norwegian TV2 choose to show this after all the negative words regarding it in Sweden at the same time. I wonder how many viewers it got on TV2 for sure!?

Destination Nordsjön war produced by Hans Lönnerheden

The intro was so scary and interesting that itself made me and others wanting to watch Destination Nordsjön, but once it started I kind of fell asleep. It is one of those drama productions that didn’t go well. It had a big potential, but the acting was the bit that killed this production for sure.

However, even though the acting was bad. The intro was exceptional well done in my opinion. In the pre-broadcasting times of TV4 in Sweden and Norway, Destination Nordsjön was promoted and it also went on the new Norwegian TV2 channel in 1992 even. The graphics and the music was nicely made, with the helicopter rotor swinging giving you the right feel for the series. It also presented the actors as it was popular at the time in United States of America productions back then.

Destination Nordsjön was one of the very first drama productions that took the Norwegian oil platforms onto the tv in drama tv production. The idea was nice and because of this intro it made people watch it and when I mention Destination Nordsjön to people in Sweden especially. They remember the intro and the music too.

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