Disney TV Advent Christmas Gift for 24 Days on TV3 Scandinavia

In the Nordic countries. Every Christmas you have this tradition with 24 episodes of Christmas shows. Mostly they are aimed at children but there are other more serious ones too. In 1989, Disney together with TV3 Scandinavia produced a Christmas gift show for 24 days.

Disney TV Advent Christmas Gift for 24 Days on TV3 ScandinaviaChristmas is a time for 24 Episodes Series in the Nordics

A Christmas calendar is a show that is made in 24 episodes. It must run from the 1st of December until the 24th of December. The last episode should be related to Christmas when all of the Nordic countries calms down after more than 24 days with shopping and Christmas preparation madness.

In Danish it is named julekalender. In Swedish it is julkalender, in Norwegian it is julekalender, in Suomi/Finnish it is joulukalenteri and in Icelandic it is named jóladagatal.

It is a name for the Nordic televised advent calendars which was introduced in Sweden in 1957 with the radio series, Barnens adventskalender. The national television services such as SVT and NRK put this kind of show as a tradition before the main day which is the 24th of December each year. It is the main Christmas day when people eat Christmas food and gifts are shared.

Disney Christmas Gift for 24 Days in 1988 and 1989

TV3 came in 1987. In 1988 they could broadcast to all parts of Scandinavia and so Disney and TV3 produced a Christmas gift show on the channel. It had also 24 episodes. There were some very nice acting, interesting competitions and great Disney cartoons and shows for people to watch.

The idents, show and the total package was really something. Disney helped TV3 a lot! So, even though they didn’t broadcast for many hours in the beginning. Disney made sure that TV3 would get enough viewers to grow.

This Christmas Gift series was broadcasted both in 1988 and in 1989. It was really well made as they blended Swedish and Norwegian in it. Disney TV Advent Christmas Gift for 24 Days on TV3 Scandinavia

So as you see. Our tv advent shows are traditions in the Nordics. I have asked around and no one else seems to have them.

An interesting tradition that is stuck in the Nordics. But why hasn’t it spread?


Source: Television Nostalgia DA Knowledge, Tecknad Trippare on YouTube

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