We Make You Remember Tropical Heat

The summer is on,.. the bad guys are on the loose and so Tropical Heat provides entertainment that is so fun also. This had everything for everyone that watched it. Summer, babes, heat, and action. What else? The long intro to this show also made you love it even more. The intro song was amazing!

The amazing Tropical Heat Intro

Tropical Heat, which was a Canadian TV made series. Was released between 1991 and 1993 had one of the most iconic intros. Very hot ladies, beaches, and tropical sounds introduced into this action series with humor.

Some of the Awesome People behind Tropical Heat

This tropical detective series was acted by several great actors when it was aired. It was made by people such as Rob Stewart, Carolyn Dunn, John David Bland, Pedro Armendariz, Nick Slaughter, Silvie Girard, Nik Sloter, Tropska Vrelina.

The intro is really something. It is long but not too long. Its actually one of those intros that are inviting people to this feel-good show which I feel that many of the TV Series that are being produced today lacks. I just wonder about What’s the thing with having a 5-second intro? It’s not the same! This intro proves that longer intros are much better.

Longer version Tropical Heat intro song

Even though this show had guns and lots of sexy babes in it. Most people loved watching it. People didn’t get so attached to the content of the show but to the brilliant written and made episodes. Tropical Heat had everything that Baywatch didn’t have. It was fun watching it from start to end. I even didn’t mind commercial interruptions when watching it neither.

No one makes such a TV Series like Tropical Heat anymore. It is sad because it really brought TV watching to new heights when it was aired. But today no one seems to make a great TV Series such as Tropical Heat. Sometimes I just wish to have a time machine taking me back.

Don’t you?


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