Dogtanian intro is one of the 5 Best Cartoon Intros Ever Made

TV3 started in late 1987 before it became Scandinavian in 1988 when the national TV monopolities were beaten here in Scandinavia. TV3 is still alive today but they started early in the late 1980s with broadcasting. This TV3 named TV channel competed directly with Sky Channel in the beginning until 1989 when Sky Channel became an British only tv channel.

Our Scandinavian TV3 channel at that time had many great cartoons in the mornings and evenings. In the first year, TV3 even had a morning cartoon hour between 07.00 and 08.00 just to compete with DJ Kat Show on Sky Channel. But including trying to compete they also found cartoons that were unique and made many remember how nice the programs were on the channel. Today TV3 is nothing special.

We at Television Nostalgia Distrita site found out that Dogtanian is one of the best cartoon intros ever made that we remember. Big Thanks to YouTube and lots of searching. I finally found Dogtanian, which is a brilliant cartoon from 1981 that was shown on TV3 here. But as years passed, I got to know it went viral other places too. One thing that most people seem to remember about this cartoon is Dogtanian getting angry and his nose glowing red! Do you? Cartoon intros 2000 is just not the same anymore.

1. Here is the famous Dogtanian intro

Such a great cartoon from a time when cartoons could include deaths without consequences

Dogtanian is such a good cartoon, which is so much better than most nowadays made cartoons. It is one of the best cartoon intros ever made today, Ridiculous unknown force seems to force producers these days to show no actual violence or death in cartoons, where violence clearly does take place. The only thing THAT children learn today is that you can swing swords at each other and shoot at each other and no one ever gets hurt?….

Dogtanian is a cartoon that got it all right. Two people died in the first few episodes 😀 Just like Highlander the animated series. No blood, no gore, but realism. Kudos.

A very good cartoon made in co-operation between Spain and Japan that is missed on TV for sure. But a bunch of Scooby-Doo cartoons is okay to broadcast?… ! Check out more about this fantastic cartoon on Dogtanian website that we recommend everyone to visit which loved and still loves this cartoon.

2. The Mysterious Cities of Gold

This is one of the most iconic Japanese Anime made cartoons ever made together with France to be released in the 1980s. With adventure, humor, drama, and exploration. This cartoon was dubbed in several languages and is known by those that have seen it as one of the best cartoons ever made in history. Television Nostalgia Distrita has managed to find many versions of the intro for this series. Check out all of them here.

If you still need even more stuff regarding this cartoon. Check out our article about the Swedish intro of The Mysterious Cities Of Gold cartoon. It is quite good actually.

3. Shagma

This is a extravaganza made a cartoon with one of the deepest and most mysterious stories ever told. The intro and ending are one of the longest ever made too. It is also one of the best cartoon intros ever made. It’s almost 2 minutes long too, with the ending with credits being even longer. But that doesn’t hurt as the music is fantastic and puts you into the mood of the cartoon. You can check out much more info about Shagma here and see the fantastic intro there too.

4. Widget

He shot down from the sky. A world watcher! Alien to help our earth from evil forces trying to pollute our world. This is a very nice show that aimed at teaching teenagers about how bad pollution is.

5. Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors

Not as long as the Shagma intro, but what an awesome song intro that this cartoon got. Here you’ve got action, adventure, humor, and exploration too. This cartoon went on Sky Channel in the mornings and during dinner times also.

I hope you enjoyed some of the coolest 1980s cartoon intros! They really stand out even today when TV intros are made way too short.


Dogtanian website
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