Best Eurosport closedown with Yello The Race is a Masterpiece

What you see above is the ident for Eurosport. But if you scroll down you see the closedown related to this article!

Back in 1989, a new sports tv channel was launched in Europe. Eurosport still exists in Europe is really neat. It is one of the longest surviving sports television networks in Europe. So, here we present the best Eurosport closedown moment ever. You can also check out Screensport here, which was the main rival until 1st March 1993!

In the later years, they have almost got rid of the stars in their logo which is pretty bad. It was and is the stars that make Eurosport the star of the sports, but when you remove too much. Now that’s bad!

Eurosport was known for their Amazing starts and ends

Ever since Eurosport started to broadcast, they always broadcasted from early mornings to late evenings since 1990. However, the main Eurosport channel still got breaks during the night.

Back in the days, Eurosport had some very awesome starts and endings sequences of the channel. So, in this video which I found on-line. Eurosport plays Yello with their big hit The Race. It was played during the program schedule at the end of the day and when it did a start-up in the mornings. But that’s not all!

After the program schedule is done, then Eurosport also showed a showcase of different sports with fantastic music that did set a fantastic mood for the channel identity. Now, this was something that was really amazing in the 1990s. Now in 2018, Eurosport has lost that extra spirit that they had. Today, this sports channel only shows a showcase. No cool program schedule information anymore. It’s as if Eurosport has lost the identity totally, like many others.

Amazing Eurosport closedown found!

Yello – The Race

When showing the program schedule in 1993, Eurosport played music from Yello – The Race. This became such iconic that many still remember The Race on Eurosport. In this clip, you also see fantastic promotion clips after the program schedule also. Fantastic music here also.

Quantum Channel takeover

Back in the 1990s, the different tv channel takeovers were fantastic made. Often you could see several tv channels on one channel like on the clip above. The change from Eurosport to the Quantum channel is great etc.

noedolekcin2 on YouTube

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