Extra Sky Traxx Broadcast in the Middle of the Night December 1985

This is quite an wow thing! You might think that Sky Channel went off air at 00.55 on 3rd of December 1985? Nope! They went on air with SKY Trax with Pat Sharp – Nighttime at 01.30 outside of the normal schedule and here someone managed to tape this event even!

SKY Trax with Pat Sharp – Nighttime on 3rd of Decemeber 1985 on Sky Channel

Pat Sharp is a legend as he got one of the best voices ever. He was one of the icons at Sky Channel that in 1988 got over 8 million viewers across Europe. Pitty that this channel was ruined by Rupert Murdoch. Sky Channel did unite Europe!

Note also that this is before Sky Channel started with DJ Kat Show and Fun Factory on the program!

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