Kindernet intro and Ovide intro

Many new tv channels came to life in the ’80s and ’90s. Most of them don’t exist anymore. Kindernet is one of them. This was a dutch children channel broadcasting every morning until 12. It was a channel that you watched if The Children’s Channel had a boring show.

Dutch language television channel aimed at children

Kindernet started up in 1988. It was a Dutch language television channel aimed at children and has been part of Nickelodeon’s line-up of channels in the Netherlands and Flanders before it closed down totally in 2013.

In all the years between 1988 and 2003 Kindernet aired between 7.00 (7 AM) and 10.00 (10 AM). The channel had time-sharing with other channels such as the Flemish BRT, World Net, and other tv channels. Then back in 1995, the director of Kindernet started a new tv channel named VTV.

VTV was a short-lived tv channel aiming at the female audience. Both channels had time-shared program schedules. This means that they never had 24h schedule channels. The VTV channel wasn’t a success.

Kindernet brought the Dutch language in every home with shows such as Ovid

Because of Kindernet broadcasting on the same channel as World Net. They forced the Dutch language on millions of children in Europe. The free television market at the beginning of 1990 gave people from all parts of Europe the chance to learn Dutch because of Kindernet.

The Ovid show was a funny cartoon that was in Dutch that made me like the language. What would happen if all of the televisions became free again? People would have the chance to learn other languages much faster for sure.

After the fall of free television in Europe, the European languages became way more obscure for everyone. The free to air channels gave lots of quality to European homes but with people such as Rupert Murdoch closing the open tv market in Europe. Television channels started to think more about money than quality. So now you have hundreds of tv channels broadcasting boring stuff.

The TV market should be free! Not closed!

Source: Television Nostalgia DA Knowledge

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