Last Most Wanted show on MTV Europe

Before MTV came to Europe, there was Sky Trax and Music Box. They had many great attempts at establishing great music television hosts and programs. Especially Pat Sharp on Sky Trax and other musicvideo programs was a pioneers in giving teenagers in the 1980s music programs that wasn’t just news and old movies. But then 1988 and 1989 came. Rupert Murdoch killed what was a great music show service and in the end Sky Channel renamed itself to a Entertainment channel only, Sky One. See the special Pat Sharp Extravaganza broadcast in the middle of the night on Sky Channel here.

MTV Europe got Launched

With Sky Trax and the fantastic shows that Pat Sharp and his crew gave, gone in 1989. It was time for the new but little known MTV Europe channel to rise. The channel started its life 1st of August 1987 in Europe by showing Money for Nothing by Dire Straits as their very first musicvideo ever. The location of the channel was in London (United Kingdom), then later also in Warszawa (Poland).

These is some of the MTV Europe show that made them Popular

MTV Most Wanted Became a Hit overall in Europe

Ray Cokes did fantastic shows, where he managed to unite Europe like no other host in the 1990s. He managed to unite Europe a lot on MTV Europe, by letting people call and participate in the program from all countries in Europe. It went on air for 4 and half years! Most Wanted is still something that is missing big, because it managed to unite people a lot across Europe. It made MTV something special, before the split in 1997. Here we have the last show on MTV Europe!

The youtube user StWtal have uploaded the verey last Most Wanted show on MTV. This show was such an iconic show. Just watch it, and you understand. The last program ever aired also showed clip of the very first show also. MTV should return back to its roots. Splitting it was a very bad idea. Europe would be very united if it continued or shows similar to Most Wanted got launched.

Most Wanted on MTV Europe is something that won’t be forgotten! Never, ever!

StWtal on YouTube

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