Olympic Report 92 killed Screensport because of ripping BBC pictures

Eurosport got the official rights for the Barcelona Olympics in 92! Screensport which was a really awesome and great competitor in 1992 choose to show clips from it called Olympic Report without permission or asking BBC first. What they did would in the end be the doom for Screensport 1st of March 1993 when Eurosport became the Europeaen sports leader. Screensport should have survived much longer, but they didn’t. You can watch the last minutes of Screensport here.

Watch a nice clip here from Olympics Barcelona 1992

Screensport was stealing BBC feeds with its Olympic Report

Paul Gilgannon reveals this on his YouTube channel

“This is my first ever TV credit, which came 2 years in to my “career” in multi-channel TV, at the age of 28. Screensport was one of 16 channels available on analogue satellite. We screened the Olympics by stealing the BBC’s feeds from european satellites and rebroadcasting them – all for free! On Day 11, the International Olympic Committee’s lawyers asked us if we would kindly stop doing that. In those days, nobody really understood the phrase “Sports Rights”. After that, it was back to US basketball, and the channel closed in early 1993, having at least been a decent competitor to Sky. Come to think of it, I don’t think I have had many more credits since then!”

Times changes. Now in 2018 it is almost impossible to do this at all. Its just not possible to do this without getting economy ruined totally. Those were the times when sport rights wasn’t the same. But with this ripping. Screensport did something that they shouldn’t have done at all.

Screensport will always be remembered. This was the sports channel in Europe. No one else have managed to give motorsport a great coverage. Also the promotions, logos and animations made me want to watch the channel!


Paul Gilgannon on YouTube

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