One of the best Norwegian TV Series Intros Ever is Made for Valkyrien

There aren’t many Norwegian tv series that have cached my interest like the intro for Valkyrien. In this thriller, the whole story centers on a doctor who runs an illegal, underground clinic in a closed-down Metro/Underground station bomb room shelter, where he treats criminals, emergency patients, and others who can’t or won’t seek medical help in a regular hospital.

The Awesome Valkyrien TV Series Intro

Great TV Series from Norway

With a score at 7.5 out of 10 on IMDB site. Many seem to like it. This is a great series with correct adrenaline. Great actors and an atmosphere that I haven’t seen much in Norwegian TV Series at all. The medical staff isn’t realistic in Valkyrien and the developments in it happen much too quickly for many foreigners watching it. But! hey, it’s a thriller. It rattles along and it’s thrilling.

Best of all is the fact that there are such good characters and such good acting in Valkyrien. A standout is Pal Sverre Hagen (which is also known from the Kon-Tiki movie), who is excellent as the very unusual Leif. The comic relief from the disaster-prone Teo, also very well acted, really made me laugh. Leif is such a awesome made character. Ravn is also a brilliant character. This character is played by Sven Nordin which Norwegians knows very well from a comedy tv serial that went on Norwegian TV2 for many years. The setting at Valkyrien which is a closed down metro station in Oslo, Norway is also very original. This station was closed down because of too short platforms and the fact that its too close to Majorstuen station.

Another note about Valkyrien is that it is very unique coming from Norway. Most of the TV series that are made there is weak or not well made. But this is good quality from the start to finish, with the intro also being very interesting. Just watch it here and you will be amazed.


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