RTL 2 in Germany had some Really Awesome Idents from 1993

On 6th of March 1993, the RTL Group in Germany launched RTL 2 as a teenager and action packed tv channel. It had huge focus on music videos, series, movies, cartoons, news and shows for the German audience. However, their style was AWESOME! This was the best ever German commercially driven tv channel. Just look at the idents and promos below.

24 Years ago RTL 2 in Germany was Awesome to have

A youth tv channel with huge focus on anime. The channel have been showing over 80 different anime series since the birth of the channel in Germany. On Wednesdays they have a show called Pokito which is a Anime only show.

The promos and intros however have changed for the worse. In the 90s, RTL 2 had awesome look. The ident’s were also awesome to look at. You became part of the channel. Everything worked together. The Promos was awesome and you often watched the commercials to just get the RTL 2 ident showing up bringing you into the next program that they were showing.

RTL 2 should have kept their original look. But RTL as many other TV channels just changes their look without thinking of what it does with the audience rate. RTL is however one of very few huge TV companies that can survive even if they loose some percent of viewers. Because RTL have actually kept the Action topic since the start. But todays idents and promos are awful. The channel should look back. Because the first idents and promos is the only ones on a German TV channel except for TELE5 (from the 90s!) that kept people watching just because of the idents. It was the first and only German tv channel that really showed cool! Really! You didn’t need to know German language to like it.

Disvida misses the original RTL 2 idents for sure! Macht einfach Spaẞ… Will you come back?…



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