The Biggest News program starts the Prime Time TV in Europe: RÚV on Iceland

In many European countries the most important TV program is the main news. These news programs is sort of the beginning of the prime time TV programs for the evening. Many European countries tv habits is based on them and this have been a tradition since the 1970’s. So, we begin with Iceland. A small country which is part of the Nordic countries in Europe. Here the people have been watching RÚV

Fréttir goes live on RÚV everyday at 19.00 (7pm) everyday on Iceland

RÚV is the main national tv channel on Iceland. It broadcasts from after 16.00 in the weekdays until about midnight. In weekends and holidays they broadcast all day. At 19.00 in their program schedule which Icelanders calls dagskrá, this tv channel on Iceland have always shown Frettir since 1966. It lasts for about 20 minutes with Sport and Weather following the show.

After the main program, RÚV always broadcast a talkshow alike program with guests and live performances called Kastljós. Then they broadcast more expensive drama series imported from different countries, but mostly USA.

Then later on, Tíufréttir sort of ends the prime time in the weekdays. On Fridays, Weekends and in holidays this program isn’t broadcasted and the prime time tv schedule is extended to a few hours after midnight.

RÚV is a commercial national TV channel on Iceland

All of the Nordic countries have commercial free tv channels as their national tv channels except for Iceland. So, even though the TV channel broadcasts less hours than any national tv channel in the world it does have commercial breaks between programs and inside some very popular tv shows like Eurovision Song Contest.

Fréttir is the most seen program on the channel and is always fighting with the news program on Stód2 about being the most seen news program on Iceland.

In this series of articles we will be looking at different countries and their TV habits in Europe. The TV market in Europe is quite different from in USA and the TV advert rules makes it even weirder for sure. Disvida will enlighten you!


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