Scandinavian TV3 Closedown in 1989

At the end of 1987, TV3 started up in Sweden and Denmark, while in Norway people had to wait until late January 1988 to be able to watch this first-ever private Scandinavian tv channel.  This was due to the national monopoly situation in the country, but TV3 finally broke it and started very slow. With that said, I mean that the channel started late and finished broadcasting by midnight.

Amazing Scandinavian TV3 Closedown Found

Here you see one of the early days of broadcasting in 1988. At this time, TV3 broadcasted Monday to Friday from 18.30 (6.30 pm) to midnight as you can see, when the program schedule comes up at the end of the video above. Later, this changed a bit as TV3 focused on giving a much better service regarding children’s programs. At first they had children programs in the early mornings to compete with Sky Channel. These went on air from 07.00 to 08.00 and on Fridays. Later TV3 moved the children’s program in the morning to evening from 17.30 to 18.30. Then in 1989, they extended the children’s time to start to 17.00!

Barnetrean commercial regarding 17.00, instead of 17.30 start of broadcast in 1989

Barnetrean was TV3’s successful children program lineup and it was targeted for Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The whole channel was very Scandinavian at the start where they mix all of the Scandinavian languages which are pretty similar. I learned Swedish for example as all of the cartoons were dubbed to Swedish. The program commercials were mixed in all Scandinavian languages. However, the subtitles of documentaries, series, and movies were subtitled in Norwegian, Swedish or Danish.

However, Scandinavian TV3 split the channel in 1990. First Denmark and then the Norwegian and Swedish version held on for some time before they also split. TV3 was a much better tv channel back then also. TV3 had news, weather and great documentaries. Everything is gone now.

TV3 should Return to their Roots!

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