Screensport new logo and ident design in 1990

Before Eurosport swallowed one of the best European tv channels in 1993, there was a tv channel called Screensport which gave them too much competition? Screensport was incredibly well known for it’s several action sport shows, American football and also Wrestling.

New design and a New Future in 1990

Before this new re-design that happened in 1990. Then Screensport only broadcasted for a few hours only. But with this new look, Screensport now broadcasted from 08.00 to 01.00 because of the harsh competition from Eurosport that Sky Television at the moment owned.

Here is the new look of Screensport from YouTube

Screensport with its news look in 1990. It was really fresh and is still remembered by many. Here Sid N have posted a video showing program schedule and closing for the day in 1990. It really shows the ambitions that this channel had. However, they did some bad decisions and also during the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona. Screensport had this Olympic Report. However! They stole images from BBC in it. But at that time there was much less strict rules about it. However, this stealing led to a downhill for Screensport.

Closedown on 1st of March 1993

Since 1981 the name was founded and the channel started to broadcast on 29th of March 1984. It was founded by Bob Kennedy, who had started up BBC Radio Leicester that became Sky One radio later on also.

WH Smith purchased 15% stake of Screensport company itself in late 1984. The first live broadcast event also happened in 1984. In 1990 they re-branded themself and in January 1993, Eurosport and Screensport proposed a merger to provide a single channel, as both channels were operating at a loss. The hope was that a merged channel would become financially profitable. So, Screensport had to say goodbye on 1st of March 1993. It was a really sad day! Because Eurosport didn’t deliver anything better after they merged at all.

Here at Disvida, we really miss Screensport!

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