Sky Channel Continuity from 1988

Just look at this program schedule from 1988. This must be from the very early part of 1988 when Sky Trax still had lots of airtime. Because in the autumn 1988, Sky Channel changed to UK time before becoming a UK channel from February 1989. This is a fantastic continuity from 1988 showing how amazing this channel was.

I remember watching Transformers a lot on Sky Channel daily when it was strike at our school in Norway from April to June that year.

Sky Channel was one of the channels saved the entertainment on Norwegian television. NRK was only broadcasting from 17.00 (5 pm) and the new started TV3 started at 19.00 (7 pm) at that time. You can see how much this channel aired at that time.

Schedule for Sky Channel Today

  • 07.30: DJ Kat
  • 08.35: Sky Trax
  • 13.05: Another World
  • 14.00: Ask Dr Ruth
  • 14.30: Bondstec Movie Time
  • 15.00: Jayce and The Wheeled Warriors
  • 15.30: Ski Boy
  • 16.00: Sky Trax
  • 17.00: The DJ Kat Show
  • 18.00: The Monkees
  • 18.30: I Dream Of Jeannie (Uniroyal Weather Report)
  • 19.00: Three’s Company
  • 19.30: The Time Tunnel
  • 20.30: A Country Practice (Uniroyal Weather Report)
  • 21.30: Movie: Courage (Ford Snow Report)
  • 23.10: Shell International Motor Sports
  • 00.10: Roving Report
  • 00.40: Sky Trax (Uniroyal Weather Report)

What a schedule this was for people watching Sky Channel in 1988. It was totally awesome. Everyone was talking about Sky in Norway. It was also the first tv channel to broadcast a breakfast show for the Scandinavian people too.

I really miss the times with Sky Channel. Murdoch destroyed the channel completely in 1989.

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