Sky Channel Start up 1985 is a blast from the past

Sky Channel had some of the markets best introductions ever made. These are still quite iconic even today as they made people watch Sky and remember it pretty well. The moving clouds, the music and everything settled you into the mood of loving this tv channel. It went on air everytime Sky Channel started up and became an iconic thing for the channel. When they stopped doing this in 1988, the channel started to loose itself a bit. The channel started to share the air with another tv channel during the night that was only showing classical music

Introduction of Sky Channel in 1985

In January 1984, Satellite Television was renamed to Sky and so this tv channel started its journey. By February 6th 1989, Sky Television was named and by August 1990, this channel was renamed to Sky One. In its lifetime, Sky Channel delivered entertainment that no one else managed to do before for the European population.

Sky Channel was a channel that was more than its programs. It was an icon of the 1980s in Europe and Disvida will deliver everything for you regarding this tv channel. Just look around.


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