Sky Europe is the Shortest living channel from SKY

For a very short time after the 5th of February 1989, Murdoch kept the Sky Channel name until august 1989 when he renamed it to Sky One. But because of moving from being an International channel to being made for only British and Irish viewers. Europe was left with Sky Europe for a short time.

Sky Europe Shortest Living channel from SKY
Sky Europe Shortest Living channel from SKY

Sky Europe is one of the world’s shortest living channel from SKY

This is one of the shortest living Sky channels that got launched ever. It was aired in 1989 after Sky Channel changed from being International to being British and Irish only. So Sky Europe was set up in the mornings on the same channel as Eurosport in the mornings. This lasted until 1991 when Murdoch fooled everyone by throwing out Eurosport totally and replaced it with Sky Sports! This happened on the 20th of April 1991.

The most irritating thing about this channel, was that because Sky Europe was a replica of the old Sky Channel for the rest of Europe and the fact that it did share the airspace with Eurosport. It could only broadcast programs in the mornings. This resulted in only 2 or 3 programs in the mornings for Europe.

Eurosport interrupted the mega-hit Fun Factory in the Weekends

In the weekdays, Sky Europe could provide some Economics or Christian type of program very early before the humongous popular DJ Kat Show aired for an hour. After it at 8.30, Eurosport took over. This part was quite okay. Since DJ Kat Show didn’t show anything more after 8.30!

However. At the weekends! The most popular weekend show from the Sky Channel days named as Fun Factory aired children program for more than 4 hours straight on Saturdays and Sundays. But for Sky Europe viewers things were not fun! Because Fun Factory show was keeping up until 12.00 on the original Sky Channel at the beginning of 1989, but Eurosport started at 08.30, so the show was cut down a lot for Sky Europe viewers.

Sky Europe viewers could only watch one and a half hours. With millions of children having Fun Factory as a great reason for waking up in the mornings. This was a really bad thing to do by SKY at that time.

Sky Europe ended its life when Eurosport ended its life with SKY

This channel is one of the most unknown SKY channels in history. It was made by Murdoch because he wanted to trick everyone’s minds. His launch of Eurosport was to provide info telling that he was going to keep the Sky Channels free-to-ar.

However, on the 20th of April 1991, he threw out Eurosport and replaced it with Sky Sports. Then on the 1st of September 1993, he chooses to abandon all of Europe except for the UK and Ireland. So, the entertainment that we in Scandinavia and ASTRA viewers got for a short time was Sky Europe which distributed DJ Kat Show and Fun Factory in the mornings.

So it seems like Sky Europe was Murdochs play with the media too. But he was smart and made him rich. So here we can say that Cash is the King? Because of Sky Channel, I grew up with the best Entertainment that a kid could have. Today is not the same!

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