Sky Television have gone thru many types of phases in its lifetime. From a European tv channel to a UK and Ireland only network, and it is in this period that Sky Movies had a very interesting start.

Sky Movies offered Movies with Commercials between the movies

It seems like Rupert Murdoch introduced pay tv with commercials. People paid for his entertainment services for UK and Ireland. In the beginning however, his new only UK and Ireland channels named under Sky Television had some sort of soul still and because of that those that made the idents, made some of the most fantastic 3D idents ever made. Yes! The very first Sky Movies ident was incredible well done. Why did Sky change this??? It worked amazingly well… but competition in 1989 forced Rupert to do this to get viewers.

FilmNet was a 24 hour movie channel in 1989 that they needed to compete with, until they were thrown out from UK because of their porn movies during the night. After this happened and Rupert Murdoch could have the movies market to himself in UK. He then scrambled all of the Sky’s channels on 1st of September 1993.

So, with FilmNet out. Sky Movies could be changed too. It meant worse ident’s that looked cheap made versions of the original ones. However, Sky Movies kept the commercials between the programs. It seemed to me as if Rupert Murdoch choose to have commercials on a paytv channel, because he couldn’t compete with FilmNet. So he needed the extra income, but this wasn’t never mentioned in any of the Sky Television commercial. Rupert Murdoch tricked people a lot for sure, which is very badly done. Rupert should have paid back to all of the viewers thinking that Sky Movies would be totally commercial free. But it won’t happen. This man is all about earning money and not give quality to anyone.

In 2016, Sky Movies became Sky Cinema

On 8th of July 2016, Sky Movies ended its life and became Sky Cinema. Sky corporation and it’s multi millionaire fat cat bosses that rip off loyal customers by hiking up the prices ever year which is not fair, I have since switched company and got the same channels for the fraction of the price, saving hundreds of pounds. Avoid sky and shop around is what many in UK and Ireland says.

Disvida agrees with this. But so the 1990s changed the TV identity a lot in Europe. It became less and less relevant. It became what we all have today, a bunch of TV channels struggle to survive. And they blame on Netflix and other streaming services? Look at your own design.. Would you really love to watch what you produce? I don’t think so!

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