Sky Television 1989 UK Commercial

Sky Channel had it last broadcast in the summer of 1989. Then it got renamed to Sky One and that’s been the channels name since that time. Sky One was the same channel, just more and more entertainment was shown on the channel. It wasn’t the same channel anymore, but still until 1994. Sky One actually was a quite okay channel to have.

Promotion for Sky Television Channels

A rich man got just more rich!

Rupert Murdoch was clever and got more and more rich because of his pay tv subscription ideas. It wasn’t until 1st of September 1993 that Sky closed all of their tv channels for all except for Ireland and United Kingdom. However, in the period between 1989 and 1993 he used the time to promote and promote. He got people to believe in his products and that what matters.

Sky Channel was one of Europe’s most loved tv channels until February 1989 when Rupert Murdoch changed everything.

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