Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea was such an Epic experience

Let me introduce to you a cartoon, that is so unique that every child will manage to fix their dreams and visions for the future. When I was 7-8 years old, the Norwegian national broadcaster NRK (BBC, SVT etc) showed this cartoon after the regular kids-tv show that they had. So, at 18.00 the kids-tv show went on air and at 18.30, NRK showed this cartoon that was targeted at a bit older children. However, I never forget the intro and outro of this series. They are 4-5 minutes long both of them and the song that is played is just amazing!

Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea on NRK was the French version, with Norwegian subtitles.  However, there was a English version was also loved. Many sci-fi and cartoon people that I know from the film clubs here in Oslo, Norway always told me about the French version being superior. But when watching both of the intros, they are unique in their own ways I think.

English version of Spartakus And The Sun Beneath The Sea Intro

One of the best cartoon intros made!
I am introducing you to many nostalgia tv idents, series intros and cartoons intros. However,.. If there is one cartoon that made me LOVE intros, then it must be Spartacus. A cartoon for a bit more “adult teenagers”. The story is about a sun beneath the sea. Its about a world after a huge cataclysm.

The lost city of Arkadia (named for Arcadia) resembles a small Alderson Disk, and is home to an ancient civilization which escaped a Great Cataclysm in the ancient past by relocating deep within the Earth’s crust. Unaware that life continued on the Earth’s surface, and hoping to keep their people safe, the elders sealed all records of their past in the city’s Archives.

Arkadia survives by the light of an artificial sun, the Tehra (Shagma), which is dying. A group of young Arkadian kids and teens defy the law and enter the Archives. With information about the world above, they create a messenger, Arkana, and send her above to find help.

Arkana encounters two children from the surface, Matt and his sister Rebecca, and brings them back through the underground strata (which seem more like separate worlds or dimensions, with one strata even being the distant future) to save Arkadia. They travel in a living turtle type spaceship called Tehrig, along with Spartakus (a mysterious wanderer) and Bic and Bac (a pair of pangolin-like creatures), Arkadia’s mascots.

The full title is Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea in English, but many loves the French version also which is called Les Mondes Engloutis. This is a French animated series created by Nina Wolmark. The series consists of 52 episodes, each between 20 and 25 minutes in length, divided into two 26-episode seasons. In Norway the show went on air after the regular kids show, which meant it was for a bit “older kids”. However, the intro tune and ending tune is so addictive.

Watch the first episode on YouTube here of Spartacus

Spartacus can be seen in both English and French version. However, the best option is French audio with English subtitles as the video from YouTube shows. This animated series is one of the best cartoons ever made and should be seen by anyone! This is what cartoon creation is!


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