Star Street Intro is still Great

Back in the 1990s, Star Street was huge! And this is the intro of a cartoon series that many have forgotten today when I ask around. But in the 1990s it went on the biggest tv channels around. It was something about this sci-fi cartoon where two planets sort of fought always.

Star Street is a Dutch Cartoon

Star Street is also known as Star Kids on TV3 here in Scandinavia. TV3 destroyed the intro a bit, but the quality of the show remained in Swedish. Star Street is a Dutch children’s cartoon that was popular both in Benelux and in the United Kingdom.

The protagonists were pink big-nosed creatures comically fashioned after horoscopes of the western zodiac and was set on a small star-shaped planet in the outer reaches of the universe. The antagonists were green blobfish creatures known appropriately as blobs governed by an even larger pink blob creature. The cartoon’s premise was somewhat similar to The Smurfs and The Care Bears.

The fight between the good and bad was quite big in the 1990s and so this series had this concept too. It worked really well. Kids loved the show and kept tv channels to keep their viewer ratings high. Star Street was fun but the intro of the show was good too.

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