Super Channel Remarkable Promo

Super Channel Promo Ident

Super Channel was Sky Channel‘s biggest competitor

On the 30th of January 1987 the launch of the first pan-European English-language satellite TV station, Super Channel. Super Channel was the main competitor to Sky Channel.

It had a mix of British and American series also. The channel had music programs like Sky Channel also had, but lasted until 1993 when NBC bought the channel and slowly faced out Super Channel name until it was only NBC.

Many remembers Super Channel for their music videos shows. Their idents were a bit weaker than the ones Sky Channel had. So, when Sky Channel changed their tactics in 1989. Super Channel got many of the program titles to them. But for some reason, those programs on Super Channel didn’t have these catchy people talking to you. You could sort of say that Super Channel was Sky Channel without the cool idents.


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