Super Channel in 1989 Commercials

In the end of 1980s, Super Channel was created to compete against Sky Channel. This channel had various of entertainment. Everything from music videos to British drama series. It had sports, cartoons and news. It was a huge competitor to Sky Channel and got some nice push in popularity in February 1989 when Sky Channel became totally British.

Super Channel in 1989 commercial break

Super Channel was a satellite television channel based in the United Kingdom that broadcast across Europe. It was picked up by various European cable television networks like the ones in Norway. The channel was broadcasted from 1987 – 1993, when NBC took over. NBC Europe started quite nicely with lots shows and brought American shows like Jay Leno to Europe. They also had a very nice IT program for young people. It was great, but in the end NBC decided to close the European version down totally.

Today there is only fragments of NBC Europe in CNBC that provides entertainment programs late and in the weekends. We never forget!

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