Super Channel Launch in 1987

On the 30th of January 1987 the launch of the pan-European English-language satellite TV station, Super Channel. It went straight into competition against Sky Channel which was pretty big at that time. Super Channel broadcasted from 07.00 in the morning until late. It gave Sky Channel a great competition. In Norway it was distributed to most of the cable networks at that time.

British content on a commercial driven TV channel Super Channel

When the channel got released back in 1987. The goal for the channel was to distribute British entertainment to people. But the channel owners also had other ideas in mind. To compete directly with Sky Channel. So, Super Channel had music video shows, cartoons and other great content.

When Murdoch decided to leave the pan-European market in 1989. Many of the Sky Channel programs jumped over to Super Channel. But they had different presenters that weren’t as catchy as on Sky and so Super Channel didn’t get the popularity that it should have got. Then in 1993, NBC bought the channel and Super Channel changed its name to NBC Super Channel before everything became NBC Europe.

Music Box got segments on Super Channel

Super Channel also gave viewers the mighty Music Box which was ahead of its time in Europe as a music video distributor had to leave Sky Channel in 1985 as Sky Trax wanted to be on their own. So Music Box found its way to Super Channel in 1987 bringing lots of music to millions of homes across Europe.

Various programs for a pan-European market

Super Channel competed in all sorts of categories with Sky Channel. So in 1987, 1988, and 1989 these two battled for the viewers and advertisers. They created a very interesting market for Europe that just grew and grew. It is a shame to see them both gone.

Both of these tv channels were ahead of its time for European tv viewers. The USA had a totally different TV channel situation than Europe. But these changed a lot. Not for viewers but also for the political systems in Europe.

This Super Channel should not be mixed up with the Canadian channel with the same name today. Any information about the original Super Channel in Europe is hard to find and so I chose to write a longer introduction about this channel that gave so much joy for me as a viewer. I remember a lot of it.

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