Swedish TV4 in 1991 was a Much Different Television Experience

On 15th of September. TV4 was launched and tried to unite Sweden and Norway. Here is the Swedish version of TV4 from 1991. The channel is today the biggest tv channel in Sweden, however there was also a Norwegian version of TV4 that actually ran from 1991 to 1993.

TV4 Sweden ending in 1991 was so Unique, Sad and today Priceless

TV4 Norway from 1992 started to change the logo in Strange Ways

The difference between these two TV4 stations became very huge. The Norwegian version of TV4 removed all the serious news and children programs from it’s schedule. In the end, the channel started up at 19.30 in the evening. The presenters also didn’t use any special or nice clothes while presenting the channel. Nope! They used normal clothes and everything except for the iconic TV4 ident was worse in everyway. This channel was doomed, and closed in September 1993.

Today, TV4 is the biggest commercial tv station in Scandinavia. It was meant to be a Scandinavian channel. But it never ended like this. Maybe because of their change in strategy that TV4 still exists today. Slowly, every year. TV4 increased the air time. But it took long time until they started to broadcast 24 hours. Now, today they broadcast sometimes 24 hours, but not everyday. The main problem today is that streaming services is stealing viewers from TV4 and all channels that does have commercials. The commercial breaks is the commercial TV channels biggest income, but with Netflix and HBO providing content without commercial interruptions. Then it is hard for TV4 to provide the same quality as before. But they still try to do so! They do fight like any other TV stations out there.

I miss the old TV4 Program Schedule ending

When TV4 ended its program in 1991. The program schedule was so nice to look at. It was sad though, since after the program schedule the TV4 test card went on air. TV4 didn’t broadcast in 24 hours back in 1991. But the programs that it did broadcast. They were popular and so TV4 grew a little by little.




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