Teleclub did Amazing things for the Premium Movie TV Channels

When you think of premium movie tv channels from the beginning. There is no other tv channel than Teleclub which made me love their idents. Teleclub had such detail regarding this I think. It really made me love the tv channel, even though I didn’t understand anything of what they were saying in the promos. Yes, everything on Teleclub was in German. So, take a look how they did the ending sequence just below.

Good night part of Teleclub was also pretty nice as shown in this video above here

Very nice intro ident before all of the movies on Teleclub

This is the Teaser of Teleclub from the Year 1987 to 1997. This is a recording from 1994. No changes where made on this one.

Even though that I didn’t pay for Teleclub at all. This channel did have parts of its broadcasting time when it didn’t scrambled the picture. So, I got to see the idents and promotions. Sometimes they also aired some Info shows and other programs for free too. Here they put many quite interesting and well made self-promotion advertisements which I remember all the time until today.

So, if you want to see some very talented graphics idents with brilliant music made for them. Then we suggest you to watch Teleclub’s idents. They are really nice and shouldn’t be forgotten.

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