Teleclub stunning Promo Music

No other tv channel on ASTRA had better idents than Teleclub. They were perfectly made for a premium tv movie channel. Some hours a day, the channel was free to air and it was in these moments that you could watch what the channel had to offer and how to subscribe to the channel. However, since it was a German orientated tv channel with dubbed movies. I never paid anything for it. However, Teleclub’s idents were pretty stunning for the time. The graphics, the music and the way they were made was creatively made. It also gave this channel a premium feeling for sure.

Teleclub programschedule Promo from 1991

Premium ASTRA movie channel in German

Teleclub was one of the tv stations on ASTRA that had free open air times. It was a movie channel for German speaking people, so this channel had no commercials at all. However the open air times gave us who didn’t had a chance to get it a glimpse of whats cooking on that channel.

Most of the promos were in this quality! It is an perfect example on how to make a premium movie channel. Teleclub got this premium touch for sure! I just can’t write about it too little. It was the tv channel to have at the time.


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