The Official Launch of Canal+ Spain

Here we have the official launch of Canal+ Spain from 8th of June 1990. Canal+ was a Spanish commercial television channel, launched in September 1990 on terrestrial television frequencies. It ceased broadcasting on 1st of February 2016.

Canal+ was a Premium channel until 2005 in Spain

This channel was operated by Telefónica and was available on the digital satellite television and IPTV platform Movistar+. It was a premium channel until 2005 when it become a free to air channel. In 2005, the Spanish government agreed on a change in the license terms for the channel. The permission to change the channel from a mostly encrypted channel into a 24-hour free-to-air channel was officially given by the council of ministers on the 29th of July 2005.

From November 2005, its analogue terrestrial frequencies were given to Sogecable’s new channel named Cuatro (“Four”). A High-definition version of Canal+ (Canal+ HD) was on air. Then back in 2010 Canal+ 3D was also launched. In the summer of 2015, Cable tv operators stopped airing the channel and on 1st of February 2016 Canal+ was history.

Canal+ shouldnt have changed their idents

The downfall of Canal+ started back in 1997 when they changed their idents. If they had kept their original idents. I am sure that the channel would have survived more. Their idents were ahead of its time but the idents from 1997 were a huge step back. Canal+ channels in Scandinavia got the 1997 look from the start also, so Canal+ never became the huge success that the company wanted it to be.

In 1985, Canal+ started up with this ident in France. A lesson! Never stop with idents that works!

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