The Unknown Viasat Plus channel in 1999

The Norwegian tv market is a mystery as its been shwoing how hard its been for new tv channels to establish themself in the country. Norway is actually on the statistics of where most closedowns of tv channels have happened. It is not a funny stat, but it is the reality. Both big and quite well established companies and new ones have struggled starting new ones and make them stay. Viasat Plus is one of them, because MTG (which also owns TV3 and Viasat 4 in Norway) gave up ZTV in Norway for a short period before ZTV returned for a short period of time and in the end become Viasat 4.


Viasat Plus from March 1999 until December 31st 2001

This channel was only made available for the Norwegian market. It was going to replace ZTV. Actually its the very same service as Viasat 4 became later on. TV3 is MTGs biggest tv channel in Norway, but they needed a second tv channel. ZTV just didn’t fit their strategy in 1999. However, it returned on 31st of December 2001. Viasat Plus had the very same sidcoms and programs that TV3 had, just a supliment. However, ZTV viewers wanted that channel back. People lacked musicvideo tv channels in Scandinavia and MTV stopped being a music television channel in 1997. So, many in Norway became quite angry at MTG which stopped ZTV in Norway. This resulted in that Viasat Plus got to few viewers in the end, and MTG was sort of forced to put ZTV back. The name was simply to good to just remove. In Sweden, ZTV did an amazing job also.

Here you can see the quite nice Viasat Plus ident that was only available for a very short time. Loved this ident, that is almost forgotten. But, Disvida wont let it die that easily!

Viasat Plus ident was really Awesome

The idents that Viasat had overal in the years 1999 to 2001 was quite nice. The ident for their main tv channel TV3 was boring, but for everyone else. Viasat seemed to experiment on them and this resulted in idents like the one you see above here. It got so much energy and if just the tv channel content had the same. Then it would be awesome too. Viasat Plus would have been a fantastic tv channel if it had musicvideo programs, crazy gameshows and xtreme sports. Because, this ident that Viasat Plus had that feeling to it. But once the program schedule came up, you got quite disappointed because the channel only showed dramas and sidcoms which was very repetitive (and still is on Viasat 4 and TV3).


If onlye MTG did something more out of this tv channel, then it might have become a great tv channel that could have survived and even lived along with ZTV in 2001 even.


Last broadcast of Viasat Plus happened on 31st of December, when the channel was renamed back to ZTV in Norway

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