This is the ultimate Dogtanian intro

In the mornings, Dogtanian went on many tv channels across the world. It became a popular cartoon since it had lots of story and action in it.

Dogtanian is a cartoon series that you won’t forget that easily. This is such a good cartoon, which is so much better than most of the nowadays made cartoons.

The animation is really well made. But that’s not the only factor that makes this one of the best cartoons ever made. Because the intro for Dogtanian is as iconic as the story in itself is. It is simply one of the best cartoon intros ever made today.

We think that there is a ridiculous unknown force that seems to force producers these days to show no actual violence or death in cartoons, where violence clearly does take place. In Dogtanian there is violence but the makers managed to put them in understandable storytelling.

Dogatanian is a cartoon for Everyone

Dogtanian is a cartoon that got it all right. Two people died in the first few episodes 😀 Just like Highlander the animated series. No blood, no gore, but realism. Kudos.

This production is a very well made cartoon which is made in co-operation between Spain and Japan that is missed on TV for sure. It seems like no one is making such quality cartoons anymore for children. Maybe I get old, but there is something about the overall production of Dogtanian that makes it stands out.

It seems to be okay to broadcast a bunch of Scooby-Doo cartoons forever, but this iconic cartoon seems to have no home anymore…!

Anyways, … Do check out more about this fantastic cartoon on Dogtanian website that we recommend everyone to visit which loved and still loves this cartoon.

Source: Television Nostalgia DA Knowledge

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