TV 1000 had some Awesome music during their Trailers

On 27 August 1989 TV 1000 was born using one of the sixteen transponders on Astra 1A, the very first Astra satellite. This channel was then part of Scan Sat Ltd London, which also owned TV3. So, TV3 was used a lot from the very beginning to promote TV 1000. TV 1000 was launched as a premium movie channel that competed directly against FilmNet at that time. However, they couldn’t broadcast 24 Hours at first. This happened in 1994!

TV 1000 Trailer Music

Many changes made TV 1000 a tough competitor for FilmNet in Scandinavia

The biggest promotion for TV 1000 happened in 1990s when Turtles came on TV3 and TV 1000 at the same time. TV3 broadcasted one episode in the week, while TV 1000 broadcasted it everyday. TV3 had TV 1000 adverts in every commercial break for weeks I remember. Also, on June 1991, TV 1000 announced that their channel would merge with another pay movie channel called SF Succé. This gave the channel a content boost with several Scandinavian films. It also made TV 1000 more able to compete with FilmNet, which was the leading premium channel at the time.

The merger with SF Succé, took place on 1st of September 1991. The name of the merged channel was initially announced to be “TV1000 Succékanalen”, but that never caught on. FilmMax was launched as the second TV 1000 channel and this kept on until February 1995 when FilmMax changed its name to TV 1000 Cinema.

TV 1000 Cinema got launched in February 1995

In February 1995 a sister channel called TV1000 Cinema, or just “Cinema”, launched. In 15 April 2000, when Viasat launched its digital platform, TV1000 and Cinema got two time-shift channels, each broadcasting the content with one- and two-hour delays.

All of the time when TV 1000 was broadcasting, they offered nicely made idents and especially the music was epic.

The creativity and quality for promoting programs was really high. However, when FilmNet changed their name to Canal+ something happened and the idents of these premium movie channels went down in quality from 1995. Its really sad, because this music is something that I can listen to for days! On 2nd of January 2012, it was announced that the TV 1000 channels will be rebranded as Viasat Film starting from 3rd of March 2012 in the Nordic region. TV 1000 is still available in Central Europe as TV 1000 East.

TV 1000 is deeply missed!

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