TV 1000 Trailers from Christmas 1989

FilmNet came from Netherlands. They became one of the most popular movie channels to have in 1989. Amazing design and awesome trailers and promotions made FilmNet humongous popular. But that didn’t prevent Scan Sat Ltd London which also owned TV3 at that time in Scandinavia to open a challenge with TV 1000 in 1989. At first this movie channel broadcasted from 16.00 to 03.00, then from 14.00. In the weekends, TV 1000 broadcasted from 10.00! Then by the end of 1989, TV 1000 broadcasted several hours per day.

Awesome TV 1000 Trailers from Christmas 1989

TV 1000 was born on 27th of August 1989

Today, the tv channel is only named as Viasat Film in Scandinavia. But in 2012, the owners decided to change its name. TV 1000 is the name that people have grown up with. To rename a channel this radically that everyone knew what was is a perfect example on how to make the channel suffer and in the end have to close down. There are some CEO’s at MTG/Viasat that should really understand what they have done by throwing out the TV 1000 name. This number gives the channel a premium tv quality name. Viasat Film is just a name. There isn’t anything special about it.

TV 1000 was known for showing remarkable movies, including Scandinavian movies. This was one of the advantages that TV 1000 had over FilmNet. TV 1000 was also known for showing porn during the night. Their most known program was titled Tusen Och En Natt, which is translated to One thousand and One Night. It was broadcasted everyday from midnight until about 02.00 in the night. It competed quite well with FilmNet’s porn. However! As with FilmNet. In Norway, TV 1000 had issues with the government that didn’t like the public to see detailed sex. In Sweden and Denmark this was not a problem though. So in the end. When showing porn in Norway, the channels put a black box on top during the porn movie. Both TV 1000 and FilmNet however did what they could to provote Norwegian politicians by shrinking the black box or even remove it totally before the government found out and sent them penalties for showing it.

This channel was also Family friendly!

In the mornings and in the evenings. TV 1000 showed lots of cartoons and family movies. TV 1000 competed directly with FilmNet, which seemed to win over the channel. But something happened with FilmNet after they switched CEO’s and FilmNet became smaller and smaller. In the end FilmNet changed their name to Canal+ which TV 1000 managed to compete quite well with. So, since 1995. TV 1000 did amazing progress until 2012.

We miss TV 1000 in Scandinavia!


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