TV ARK will be back soon

Something is going on with TVARK. A service that is providing nostalgia television for you and me. Now it seems as if their site is going to relaunch and we at Disvida is happy for that, because then we will have even more stuff to write about!

Non-Profit site making a fantastic Nostalgia Television service

The site is run as a non-profit making organization. It was started ten years ago in the dial-up era, as one man’s hobby, called ‘Television Ark.’ Over the years, as the site has grown, 10 people have become involved, all passionate about TV and all of whom have brought clips from their own collections of off-air television recordings. We also receive donations from other collectors, and the site now has access to over 9,000 vintage recordings.

TVARK is above all an educational resource. It is popular at home and abroad, used by teachers and students in schools and colleges. It is also recognised by people within the TV industry; our archives are frequently used by industry professionals, who find their own master copies of programmes have been wiped over the years. We have supplied information and clips for broadcast documentaries, presentation & news programmes, as well as broadcasting websites.

Television Museum On-Line

TVARK is the on-line TV museum. The site is intended as a tribute to the work of television presentation and graphics, and to preserve a slice of our social history. Through images and video clips, we present those modest little chunks of television that are never repeated: idents, programme promotions, opening title sequences, public information films, commercials, daily start-ups and closedowns, break bumpers and station clocks. Each item is accompanied by a short written analysis and review.

We at Disvida is really happy for the comeback. Back in the days, I always went to TV Ark as I am always hunting the older TV idents. They were so much more beautiful back in the days and so I decided to start up Disvida. Our hope is to be able to co-operate with TVARK as it would be a pleasant co-operation for sure.

TVARK is soon On-Line and were Looking forward to it!

They are also on social media. So do visit them on Facebook and Twitter!


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