TV+ Norway Christmas 1995 Rare Clip

TV+ or TV Pluss in Norwegian. This was a Norwegian private tv channel that opened its broadcasts on the same day as ZTV Norway. The channel had difficulties in getting viewerships since the first moment it was aired, which was the main reason why it had to be closed down in 1996.

Financial difficulties meant the fall for TV+ in Norway

TV + quickly got into financial trouble due to low viewership after its launch in 1995. A survey conducted by MMI in the fall of 1995 showed that the channel had only a market share of just 0.9% of total TV viewing. The survey was taken from a total of eight TV weeks from week 36 to week 43.

Both of the bigger TV channels tried to change the fall for the good. TV2 in 1996 and then TV Norge in summer 1996. But it wasn’t enough and so the channel had to close down on the 1st of September 1996.

I remember the channel for having quite innovative idents. If they tried to have some cartoons and tried to import Japanese gameshows or anything to be the alternative.

Then they might have survived. I loved the idents but I never watched any of the content except for some films on the channel. TV+ had some very short Norwegian programs like Turid Pluss 15. But they too were boring. The channel didn’t have enough wow factors. Idents alone can’t save a tv channel’s life. Simple as that.

I am glad to see that TV+ content is still available on YouTube. I wish that the channel chose to show some famous series, but they were broadcasted at times with tough competition from others. TV+ deserved a much better future. I am glad to preserve it here as a Norwegian gem in TV history.

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