TV3 Scandinavia Promotions from 1990 with TV SHOP ad

Sky Channel had very nice years from 1986 until 1988 in Scandinavia. First, they broadcasted to Norway and Finland. Then to the rest of Europe bit by bit. Super Channel started up and also The Children’s Channel. They all competed with Sky Channel but they didn’t really affect Sky Channel at all.

TV3 Scandinavia made Sky Channel having a hard time in Scandinavia

In 1987, TV3 started up. First in Sweden and then in January 1988 they also got allowed to broadcast in Norway after the Norwegian state channel monopoly officially ended that month. You could say that the owners behind TV3 were the reason for the privacy held channels to be allowed to be aired to Norwegian TV viewers.

Sky Channel was English and not directly aimed at the Norwegian TV audience only. So they were allowed. Same with Swedish national TV stations. So, TV3 was the first Norwegian speaking private channel that was allowed to broadcast in Norway. TV3 was broadcasted from London though, so they got better commercial laws as tv channels in the UK were allowed to interrupt programs every 15min but none in Norway at that time. Norwegian politicians didn’t like it but they had to agree with it as they couldn’t prevent TV3 from being broadcasted from UK, London.

So, when TV3 launched. Their air time was set 07.00 – 08.00 and 19.00 – 00.00 in the very first year. This was in their weeks. But at the weekends they had an extended air time in the mornings 08.00 – 10.00.

In the airtimes 07.00 – 08.00 on weekdays and 08.00 – 10.00 on weekends TV3 put heavy pressure on Sky Channel with their cartoons and series aimed at older children. The fact that TV3 had one-hour early programming in the morning in 1988, is the best proof of this. In this time Sky Channel broadcasted their very famous DJ Kat Show. But on the weekends Sky Channel had Fun Factory too and so TV3 attacked it directly with their Scandinavian line-up.

TV3 stole Viewers from Sky Channel because of awesome Cartoons

In the beginning. TV3 didn’t show violent shows. But rather cartoons that aimed at the souls of anyone’s hearts. Also, the deal that TV3 had with Disney at that time gave them a unique position even though they had much less airtime possibility such as Sky Channel and Super Channel.

I personally remember shows such as The Mysterious Cities Of Gold, Smurfs, Ducktales and other children programs that made me watch TV3 instead of Sky Channel. Maybe I was a bit tired of MASK and He-Man style of cartoons? Maybe TV3 aim went into my heart even though they broadcasted every cartoon in Swedish at that time.

Because of all these Swedish speaking cartoons. Almost every Norwegian that watched them, learned so much Swedish from TV3 that this is a good reason why I and thousands of people that had TV3 at that time understands that language more.

What this clip shows is how well TV3 Scandinavia promos were made. In 1990, TV3 was the best tv channel you could have in Scandinavia. But today, TV3 is split and the soul that TV3 is gone. Also in 1990, TV SHOP started up. Which is the only ad that you can see in the video above.


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