TV3 Weekend Startup in 1988

In the weekends. TV3 always had a Kids program lineup to compete directly with Sky Channel in 1988. The Kids programs went on air every Saturday and Sunday between 08.00 (8 am) and 10.00 (10 am) in the morning with a huge break until the evening at 19.00 (7 pm). This changed a bit in 1989 when evening programs started to run at 17.30 !

Kids shows at 08.00 on TV3 in the weekends competed with Sky Channel in 1988

In 1988, there wasn’t many choices for kids. Either you had Sky Channel with their morning and evening kids shows. Also, some very few lucky cable network people also had The Childrens Channel which was known as TCC and our national tv channels had very little services for kids. So with TV3 launched in Norway, Sweden and Denmark in 1988. TV3 gave a huge boost in the availability of kids shows here. It didn’t matter that they were dubbed in Swedish as we Norwegians understands Swedish quite well. I learned Swedish language that way.

The kids shows in the weekends on TV3 broadcasted many awesome kids cartoons and series. One of them that I remember the most from is The Mysterious Cities Of Gold and Dogtanian. Also the Smurfs, Turtles, Ghostbusters and Star Street is clearly in my mind still. The intros of these kids shows at that time had awesome intros with really cool songs that I will never forget. They are burned into my mind forever.

After the Sky Television take over in 1989. Sky Channel wasn’t available in Norway anymore. Only Sky Europe had a small segment in the mornings before Eurosport startup. From that time all of the kids programs on TV3 got increased. Because TV3 wanted to keep people to watch their channel. Later on they launched Skurt magasinet, which was a frog with a cap with all of the Scandinavian flag colors on it.

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