TV3 Startup on 20th March 1988

In the beginning. TV3 had only about 5 hours of broadcasting. While the USA already had many channels broadcasting from early morning until late. The private TV channels in Scandinavia had a much harder start.

TV3 had a very good deal with Disney

Many tv channels in Scandinavia tried to win people’s hearts. But many failed where TV3 managed to succeed. TV3 had a nice deal with Disney, so even with their very short prime time schedule between 19.00 (7 pm) and midnight 0.00 (12 pm). TV3 managed to get enough viewers to attract advertisers.

Also, TV3 broadcasted in the mornings between 08.00 and 10.00 in the mornings, in the beginning, to compete with Sky Channel. So, because of their focus on children’s type of programs. TV3 managed to win many thousands of young viewers. This was TV3’s golden key for success. No other Scandinavian TV channel had the same amount of Children aimed programs.

Awesome music by Trevor Bastow – Fast Forward

Including having great content. TV3 also used some powerful tracks to make people like the channel. This was so vital at a time when it was really important for the tv channels to stand out from each other.

Great idents that’s impossible to forget

The TV3 program scheduling presentations were funky and powerful. So, even though they started up 19.00 (7 pm), people wanted to watch. Also, in the beginning, they had a huge focus on Disney cartoons and programs both in the mornings and in the evenings when they were broadcasting.

The very first TV3 ident was also very nicely made for the time being. TV3 nailed it. They managed to make people love them. By 1990, TV3 was the biggest tv channel in Scandinavia. It was the tv channel that everyone was talking about. But by the end of 1993, TV3, as we all remember, was split into several TV3 channels. Today TV3’s program schedule is really depressing.

Source: Television Nostalgia DA Knowledge

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