Widget is an old cartoons 90s that learned kids to fight for the Environment

A cartoon that was known as Widget the World Watcher is an animated television series that was created by Voltron creator Peter Keefe, directed and produced by Tom Burton of Zodiac Entertainment, which debuted in syndication on September 29, 1990.

Widget was part of the cartoons for kids era

The cartoons for kids in the ’90s were much more creative and really showed fantasies that made people watch. Also, awesome intros like this one for Widget is something that isn’t forgotten.

Widget the purple alien character that saved the world went on several European television networks. I loved watching it and it actually taught kids a lot about the environment. But now no one is showing these kinds of masterpieces anymore. It’s sad!

Did you watch this old cartoon from the ’90s? Or maybe you watched Captain Planet?

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