ZTV in Norway is Missed a lot

Back in the days, Scandinavian countries Sweden and Norway got ZTV. It was a very popular tv channel that first had its own show on TV3 and TV4, but later this youth program got its own TV channel. The Swedish version of the channel lasted longer than the Norwegian one, however it created a little bit of uniqueness for the youth in Scandinavia. There is this ZTV cult that Viasat tried to force into a grave with the launch of TV6 in Sweden and Viasat 4 in Norway. Read on…

Amazing ZTV Idents near its end in Norway

ZTV was something that MTV started to not to become. It had this very nice musicvideo shows, which was very inspired by Sky Trax that went on Sky Channel many years before. Here you had pure musicvideo programs, discussions about new musicvideos, japanese cartoons, movies and much more. You could sort of say that ZTV tried to be Sky Channel and a little more or less.

ZTV made teenagers more Socialized in Scandinavia

After the demise of ZTV (and The Voice). The youth have no tv channels that they can rely on anymore. It seems as if tv channel CEOs these days doesn’t care about the content, but to earn most. There is no passion for creating something that means something for people anymore. Its sad and its a trend that is not positive at all.

For sure, you can do a lot regarding YouTube and other video file sites. But it’s not the same. ZTV, Sky Channel, MTV before etc united Europe and its youth people. Today there is no musicvideo tv channels that produces shows for the youth generation anymore. Those which is growing up today with the entertainment that they’ve got served today are not as lucky as we back in the 1980s and 1990s for sure.

If no one is doing nothing about this situation, those that is growing up today will become very negative adults for sure. All of the joy is gone. The television had a purpose. It entertained you. Sky Channels motto was.. “Reaching Out To You”… and that is what some tv channels should. Because it stresses teenagers down. ZTV was closed because of musicvideos didn’t fit the income at MTG which is one of the richest media companies in the world. So they decided to remove ZTV totally. Its pretty annoying!

Let’s hope that someone reads this and does something about this right now!

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